FICL - valued Partner

Valued Partners

FICL has formed strategic partnerships to better serve its members.

They include the following organizations:

Society of Indian Law Firms ('SILF') is a collective of India's Top Corporate Law Firms and the only representative body for Law Firms of India to date. SILF supports FICL initiatives.

bcpbf-THE CANCER FOUNDATION is an equal opportunity support organization that comprises well-known medical professionals, financial experts, entrepreneurs, gutsy survivors and philanthropic members of the community. FICL supports bcpbf- The Cancer Foundation initiatives as part of its CSR and community services.

Lexology delivers the most comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights. It publishes over 500 articles every day from 900+ leading law firms and service providers worldwide across 50 work areas in 25 languages.

The Boring News Co. believes that news should be a small part of your daily routine, not a constant barrage of “breaking” information. Its daily email newsletter delivers news with utmost brevity and clarity.