Nithari killings: Allahabad HC acquits Koli, Pandher

Nithari killings: Allahabad HC acquits Koli, Pandher

One-liner: Surender Koli and Maninder Singh Pandher were acquitted by the Allahabad High Court on Monday in the infamous Nithari serial killings case in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 

Accused had got the death penalty: The court has acquitted Koli in 12 cases and Pandher in two cases in which they were awarded the death penalty.

Acquitted in all appeals: Manisha Bhandari, who is the lawyer of the Nithari case convicts, told the media: "Allahabad High Court has acquitted Moninder Singh Pandher in the two appeals against him. There were a total of 6 cases against him. Koli has been acquitted in all appeals against him."

Looking back at the case: The Noida serial murders (also known as Nithari serial murders or Nithari case) unfolded in 2006 after the skeletal remains of eight children were discovered on Dec 29, 2006 from the drain behind Pandher's house.

More skeletal remains: When the authorities dug further and combed through the drains in the area around Pandher's house, they found more skeletal remains.

19 cases filed: In 2007, a total of 19 cases were lodged against businessman Pandher and his domestic help Koli. The CBI had filed closure reports in three of the 19 cases due to lack of evidence.

Most victims were poor children, young women:  The officials found that most of these remains were that of poor children and young women who had gone missing from the area. It was claimed that the murders occurred in the house of Pandher in Sector 31 between 2005 and 2006.

Acquitted due to lack of evidence: Both Surender and Maninder had been sentenced to death on charges of rape and murder. However, they were acquitted in the case due to lack of evidence.

Erotic material seized: During the probe, the officials seized erotic literature and a laptop computer with a webcam, which suggested that the case could also be linked to an international child pornography racket.

Organ trade angle: A preliminary probe also indicated that the case could be linked to an organ trade angle. However, the officials could not establish any of it.

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