SC seeks status report on 183 encounters in UP

One-liner: The SC has lashed out at the UP govt following the tragic deaths of former Lok Sabha member Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf in police custody in Prayagraj on April 15, declaring that someone is complicit.

Report demanded: In a pivotal move, the court has also demanded a comprehensive report on 183 police encounters that have occurred since 2017, raising concerns about the legitimacy of these operations.

  • The UP police assert that a staggering 183 individuals have lost their lives in a series of police encounters since the Yogi Adityanath govt assumed office in March 2017

Shrouded in controversy: However, these encounters have long been shrouded in controversy, with critics alleging manipulation for political gain.

Bench direction: The bench ordered the submission of a detailed affidavit within six weeks, including specifics of each encounter, progress in investigations, charges filed, and trial status.

Fatally shot: Ahmad (60) and Ashraf met their tragic end when three individuals posing as journalists fatally shot them during a media interaction, capturing the entire event on national television. 

Diligent probe assured: In response to mounting pressure, the UP govt has assured a diligent investigation, highlighting steps taken in the aftermath of the incident, including addressing the recommendations of the Justice B S Chauhan Commission that examined the encounter killing of gangster Vikas Dubey in 2020.