HC deprecates attempt to settle sodomy case

One-liner: Deprecating an attempt to settle a sodomy case for ₹2L by the accused and the minor victim’s mother, the Delhi HC has expressed anguish that the child’s physical and mental trauma has been weighed in terms of money.

Heinous offence: It held that such heinous offences could not be taken lightly nor any mercy can be shown. The court also said the child’s mother was expected to understand the pain and trauma undergone by the minor.

Child feels voiceless: Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma, while denying bail to accused Sabuddin in the case, said in these circumstances, the child feels voiceless, but the court is expected to understand and hear the voiceless.

What the judge said: "The mother was expected to understand the pain and trauma undergone by her child, who was only six years of age and had been violently sexually assaulted and wounded physically and mentally by two culprits," the judge said. The other accused in the case was a juvenile.

Bail sought: The HC was hearing the bail plea of Sabuddin, who has been in custody since Oct 17, 2021. The accused sought bail on grounds that the victim’s mother has already agreed to a compromise in the matter with them, a settlement deed has been placed on record and she had no objection if he was granted the relief.

Prosecution case strong: The bail plea was opposed by the prosecutor, who said the man was accused of committing a heinous and serious offence on a child who was only six years old, and the medical record as well as the minor has supported the prosecution case.

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