Allow judiciary to interpret statute: Justice Kohli

Allow judiciary to interpret statute: Justice Kohli

One-liner: The judiciary must be allowed to interpret the Constitution and its independence is not just a legal principle but a fundamental pillar of a vibrant democracy, Justice Hima Kohli of the SC has said.

Three pillars: "'It is imperative that all three pillars (legislature, executive and judiciary) of the State work in parallel and not in tandem, at arm's length and not hand in hand, to give strength to the democratic system.

Constitutional dialogue: This itself will preserve the independence of the judiciary and protect its autonomy and impartiality. It is equally essential to recognise the judiciary's role in the constitutional dialogue as it acts like a safety valve for fostering our democratic values, Justice Kohli said.

FICCI meet: She was speaking on 'Independent judiciary: Critical for a vibrant democracy' at a function organised by FICCI in collaboration with the Bharat Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Council of Arbitration in Kolkata on Saturday.

Judicial independence: The apex court judge spoke on various aspects related to judicial independence and said that the judiciary, by upholding the rule of law and ensuring that the govt operates within the remit of its authority, promotes the stability and effectiveness of democratic institutions.

Remarkable courage: 'In the face of such adversity, some of the judges of the SC and at least nine HCs had shown remarkable courage and independence. They stood up to the govt's attempts to erode judicial autonomy and protected the fundamental rights of the citizens, she said.

On privacy: Justice Kohli also spoke about recent key judgments like the one which declared privacy as a fundamental right and part of the right to life and personal liberty.

On role of media: Dealing with the role of media, she said it plays a significant role in informing the public and facilitating civic engagement.

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