Priyanka queried about Rajiv's assassination: Nalini

One-liner: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked about the assassination of her father Rajiv Gandhi when she met her in prison in 2008, Nalini Sriharan, one of the convicts freed by the SC, said in Chennai on Sunday.

Priyanka turns emotional: Priyanka turned emotional and cried when she met her in the Vellore Central Prison over a decade ago, Nalini told reporters in Chennai answering a question on the meeting.

What Nalini said: Now, a Congress party leader, she had then sought to know about the assassination of her father and Nalini said she divulged whatever she knew.

Can't be disclosed: Other things that transpired in that meeting can't be disclosed as it pertained to Priyanka's personal views, she said.

Source: PTI