Framework to regulate social media platforms on the anvil

One-liner: The Centre on Wednesday told the Delhi HC that it will introduce at some point in time a framework to regulate social media platforms, including de-platforming of users by them.

Prospective effect: The Centre said the proposed framework would be prospective and therefore existing cases of suspension of social media accounts would have to be decided in terms of the existing regulations.

Suspension: The statement was made by the central govt counsel before Justice Yashwant Varma who was hearing a batch of petitions against the suspension of accounts of several social media users, including Twitter users.

Time granted: Granting further time to the Centre to apprise it of subsequent developments, the court deferred hearing on the petitions till Dec 19.

Court's query:  During the hearing, the court questioned why the existing grievances on suspension and deletion of social media accounts should not be dealt with in terms of the proposed framework.

Pending adjudication: Several petitions concerning the deletion and suspension of social media users are pending adjudication in the HC.

Source: PTI