Detention order quashed for not communicating in Hindi

One-liner: The Delhi HC on Friday quashed a detention order issued by the Centre against a man allegedly involved in drug trafficking.

Miserably failed: It said the authorities miserably failed to show that the grounds of detention were communicated to him in Hindi, the language known to him. 

What the HC said: The HC said simply because the detainee has put his signatures in English on the documents does not by any stretch of imagination show that he understands English.

Quashed: A bench quashed the April 1, 2021, detention order passed by the Joint Secretary of Govt of India and the June 16, 2021, order passed by the Deputy Secretary of Govt of India confirming the detention order for one year.   

Challenged: Sharafat Sheikh, a habitual offender involved in drug trafficking, challenged the detention order saying there was no need to detain him under the Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

Illiterate person: His counsel submitted that the detainee was an illiterate person and the detention order was not properly communicated to him as the same was in the English language. 

Constitutional duty: He said it was the constitutional duty of the State to serve the detention order upon the detainee in a language that he understands.     

Source: PTI