Illustration: Yajur Negi
Illustration: Yajur Negi

Three paperless courts in Kerala HC from today

One-liner: All-in-one touchscreen personal computers where case files would be displayed automatically are some of the features of the three paperless courts which will commence functioning in Kerala HC from today.

For use of advocates: All-in-one touchscreen personal computers would be provided for the use of advocates in paperless courts.

Automatic display of case: The display of the case and case files is automatic with the case taken on board as initiated by the court officer and the advocate need not login to view the case file taken on board.

  • He needs only to open the case file for viewing and for representing the case, the Kerala HC Registrar General had said in a notice dated July 30

E-filing: Furthermore, copies to be served to lawyers of the state and central govt as well as other institutions, which have a designated advocate, can be continued to be done via the online dashboard at the time of e-filing, the notice said.

Bottom line: Where there is no designated counsel for an opposite party, hard copies of the case will have to be produced, it said.

Source: PTI

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