SC judge wants early start of court work

One-liner:  If children can go to school at seven in the morning, why can't judges and lawyers start their day at 9 am, SC judge UU Lalit remarked on Friday.     

Bench starts work at 9.30 am: A bench started Friday's work at 9.30 am, an hour earlier than the usual working hour of the apex court.

Next in line as CJI: Justice Lalit, who is next in line to become the Chief Justice of India, said, “In my view, ideally we should sit at 9 in the morning. I have always said that if our children can go to school at 7 in the morning, then why can't we come at 9 am.''

Bench lauded: The remark came after senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, appearing in one of the bail matters, lauded the bench at the end of the hearing of the case for sitting earlier than the usual time.  

Bottom line: Justice Lalit said if the courts can start early, it can finish the day's work early and judges would get more time in the evening to read the case files for the next day. 

Source: PTI