Indian courts known for pro-arbitration stance: CJI

One-liner: Chief Justice N V Ramana on Tuesday allayed apprehension about the increasing interference of domestic courts in the arbitration process.

Equal treatment: He said the Indian judiciary treats all parties, including foreign entities, equally and equitably.

Arbitral Tribunal: The CJI said Indian courts are known for their pro-arbitration stance. They assist arbitration and leave the substantive part of adjudication to Arbitral Tribunal itself.

  • The Indian judiciary eternally guards the constitutional rights in the world's largest democracy- Ramana

Indo German: The CJI was speaking at the annual meet of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce on the theme Arbitration in a Globalised World - The Indian Experience at Dortmund in Germany. 

Judicial review: He said the Constitutional courts of India - the HCs and SC - have the power to judicially review every act of the govt.

Constitutional principles: They can strike down any law that is not in tune with the Constitutional principles. They can set aside arbitrary measures of the executive, he said.

Bottom line: The attitude of Indian courts has increased the importance of international arbitration, particularly when it comes to countries like India and Germany. 

Source: PTI

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