Source: Inhouse illustration
Source: Inhouse illustration

Cal HC endorses WB govt's Duare ration scheme

One-liner: The Calcutta HC has held that there is no illegality in the West Bengal Duare ration scheme, under which the Mamata Banerjee govt delivers foodgrains through the PDS at the doorstep of beneficiaries.

What the judge said: Passing judgment on a plea challenging the state's Duare Ration scheme, Justice Krishna Rao noted that on an earlier occasion, too, fair price shop dealers had filed petitions on a similar issue.

No violation: The court held the state govt's decision to deliver foodgrains at the doorstep of the beneficiaries can't be said to be in violation of any provision of the NFSA.

Unconstitutional: A writ application filed before the court prayed that a notification by the state govt on Sept 13, 2021, be declared unconstitutional and ultra vires (beyond powers) to Essential Commodities Act, 1955, and National Food Security Act, 2013.

No delegation of power: The petitioners' counsel said the central govt by way of notification delegates the power to the state but in this case, it has not delegated any power to the State of West Bengal.

Source: PTI

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