Illustration: Yajur Negi
Illustration: Yajur Negi

Hate speeches by netas warrant stringent action: HC

One-liner: Hate speeches by elected representatives, political and religious leaders violate constitutional provisions, warranting stringent action on the part of central and state govts, said the Delhi HC on Monday.

Integrity:  Justice Chandra Dhari Singh said mass leaders and those occupying high offices must conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and it does not behove the leaders to indulge in acts or speeches that cause rifts amongst communities.

Responsibility: The judge said elected leaders in a democracy owe their responsibility not only to their electorate but also to the society and nation as a whole.

Targeting communities: There have been instances of hate speeches in different parts of the country targeted against people of specific communities.

Regulation: Effective regulation of hate speeches at all levels is required and all law enforcement agencies must ensure that the existing law is not rendered a dead letter, the court said.

Source: PTI

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