Plea in HC against political neglect of Anglo Indians

One-liner: The Delhi HC on Friday sought the Centre's stand on a petition challenging the removal of the process of nomination of members of the Anglo-Indian community to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies.

Hearing on May 18: A bench asked the Centre to file its submissions and listed for a hearing on Nov 18 the petition by the Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations in India.

Integration: The court observed the community has integrated itself with the local population, noting that in 70 years, there would be three generations of an Anglo-Indian family.

Limited time: Additional Solicitor-General Chetan Sharma opposed the issuance of notice on the petition and said that the provision was meant for a limited time.

Inaccuracy: The petition raised concerns with respect to the 2011 census which formed the basis of the decision and inaccurately records only 296 Anglo-Indians in India.

Bottom line: The petition further noted the trigger for the systematic cultural-political annihilation of the Anglo-Indian community.

Source: PTI

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