Examine future visa papers of blacklisted foreigners: SC

Examine future visa papers of blacklisted foreigners: SC
Illustration: Yajur Negi

One-liner: The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the authorities to examine future applications for a grant of visa to be filed by those foreigners, who were blacklisted from travelling to India for 10 years.

Case-to-case basis: It is regarding their alleged involvement in Tablighi Jamaat activities on a case-to-case basis in accordance with the law.

SC hears pleas: The apex court was hearing the pleas, including those challenging the orders blacklisting several citizens of 35 countries from travelling to India for 10 years.

No blacklisting order served: A bench noted that the Solicitor General, appearing for the Centre, has submitted that a separate blacklisting order has not been served on the petitioners.

Questions of law: The bench observed though several questions of law were raised before it by both sides, it did not wish to dilate on those matters in the peculiar facts of the present case.

Affidavit: The affidavit filed by the respondents does indicate that individual orders of blacklisting have been passed and would be served on the concerned persons at the time of their exit from India.

Not maintainable: The Centre had on Wednesday argued that the petitions are not maintainable and entry into any sovereign country can never be an enforceable fundamental right.

No dispute over India's right: The petitioners' counsel had argued that they have no dispute over India's right to reject or grant a visa and the problem was that of blacklisting which has been done for 10 years.

Source: PTI

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