Premji issue: SC suspends sentence against two lawyers

One-liner: The Supreme Court on Tuesday suspended the two months sentence imposed by the Karnataka HC for contempt of court against two lawyers.

Frivolous petitions: It related to the filing of multiple frivolous petitions against former Wipro chairman Azim Premji and his associates.

  • Advocates R Subramanian and P Sadanand have filed more than 70 mischievous petitions against Premji through a private company called India Awake for Transparency

Held guilty: They were held guilty for contempt of court by the HC on Jan 14.

Unconditional apology: A bench noted the submission of advocate Subramanian that he would tender an unconditional apology before the Karnataka HC within two weeks.

Term of settlement: It said this court had noted in its March 10 order the term of settlement in which it was said that Subramanian's conviction for criminal contempt be suspended for a period of 3 years.

  • During the three-year period, his conduct can be monitored and due compliance with his undertakings verified, the bench said

Order applies to other contemnor: The bench also said that its order will equally apply to the other contemnor (Sadanand) and he will be bound by the same terms.

What the complaint is: Subramanian had filed a complaint in a Bengaluru trial court alleging illegality in the transfer of assets worth ₹45kCr from 3 companies to private trust and a newly-formed firm.

Stay on proceedings: The top court had stayed the proceedings before the Bengaluru court against Premji and others and had called for a report from the trial judge.

Source: PTI

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