Source: Inhouse illustration
Source: Inhouse illustration

Delayed justice is meaningless: HC CJ Bindal

One-liner: Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal of the Allahabad HC in Mathura on Saturday sought to drive home the malady of delayed justice.

Refused to take compensation: He recalled an incident in which a man refused to take compensation 25 years after the death of his son in a road accident and asked the court to keep the money.

Delayed relief: Justice Bindal narrated the incident while inaugurating the Lok Adalat and said that delayed relief often turns meaningless.

  • The case involves a man fighting a case for compensation from a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal who was eventually awarded the compensation. He asked the court to keep the money

What the man said: The man said he desperately needed the money to raise his grandsons and educate them after their father, his son, died, in a road accident 25 years ago.

  • He said he does not need the money now because all of them are settled, Justice Bindal recalled the man as telling the court

Quick disposal of cases urged: The judge narrated the incident while urging the Lok Adalat to quickly settle the disputes for the benefit of the kin of accident victims.

Source: PTI