Source: Inhouse illustration
Source: Inhouse illustration

Appointment on compassionate grounds not automatic: SC

One-liner: Job appointment of a dependent on compassionate grounds after the death of a govt employee is not automatic but subject to strict scrutiny of various parameters.

The criteria: They include the financial position, economic dependence on the deceased and avocation of other family members, the Supreme Court said on Thursday.

  • A bench said if a compassionate appointment is one of the conditions of service and is made automatic upon the death of an employee without any kind of scrutiny whatsoever, the same would be treated as a vested right in law

Need to know: The top court's observation came on an appeal filed by the Dept of Education, Karnataka, against an order passed by Karnataka State Administrative Tribunal which was also confirmed by the HC directing it to consider the case of a person for appointment on compassionate grounds.

Claim rejected: The claim was rejected on the ground that the amendment made to the Karnataka Civil Services (Appointment on Compassionate Grounds) Rules, extending the benefit of compassionate appointment, will not be applicable in this case.

Source: PTI