Source: Inhouse illustration
Source: Inhouse illustration

29 lakh cases settled via lok adalats across country

One-liner: In a bid to ease pressure on the judicial system, over 29 lakh cases were settled and a whopping ₹4,431Cr awarded on Saturday in national lok adalats held in 35 states and union territories by National Legal Services Authority (NALSA).

Need to know: In certain states, the national lok adalat was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of the respective high courts and the executive chairpersons of the concerned State Legal Services Authority (SLSA). 

  • Moreover, in some states, the judges of high courts visited their respective administrative district judgeship and motivated all the stakeholders
  • The lok adalats, which were conducted through virtual and hybrid mode, took up 7,245,063 cases, which were either pending in courts or belonged to the pre-litigation stage

Huge success: Over 29 lakh cases were disposed of till the last reports were received, indicating a huge achievement and success for the legal services authorities. 

  • In Punjab, approximately 1,38,000 cases were taken up. Long pending matters relating to matrimonial disputes, property disputes, cheque bounce cases, labour matters, criminal compoundable cases were taken up

Source: PTI

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