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Source: Inhouse illustration

Panel member wants early release of report on farm laws

One-liner: Anil Ghanwat, one of the members of the Supreme Court-appointed panel on farm laws, on Tuesday wrote to Chief Justice of India (CJI), urging him to consider releasing the report on the three agri laws in the public domain.

Agri reforms stressed: Ghanwat, also a senior leader of Shetkari Sangathan, said he will mobilise one lakh farmers to Delhi in the next couple of months demanding badly required agri reforms even after the repeal of the three farm laws.

  • He also said the protesting farmers' demand to make minimum support price (MSP) a legal guarantee and ensure procurement of all agri-crops at MSP is not feasible and implementable.
  • The three-member panel had submitted the report to the apex court on March 19. Since then, the report has not been made public despite Ghanwat having requested the CJI in a letter dated Sept 1 to release the panel's report.

Robust policy needed: He requested the CJI to consider directing the Centre to develop and implement an exemplary and robust policy process that is followed in developed nations.

White Paper sought: Ghantwat suggested setting up a committee to prepare a White Paper for making new farm laws.

  • If there is demand to procure all non-perishable products, then farmers producing perishable crops will also demand procurement of crops like potato, tomato and onions, he said.
  • The solution to this problem is to liberate the agriculture sector and give marketing freedom to farmers, he added.

Source: PTI

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