Webinar on safeguarding employee mental health in the covid era.

The unprecedented effects of the covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly fuelled the global mental health crisis among workers. Bereavement, social isolation, fears of contracting the virus, worries over job security, as well as harassment and discrimination, and the blurring of work and home life have all led to rising reports of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, an exacerbation of pre-existing psychiatric conditions, and even suicidal behaviour in employees.

With emerging evidence that mental health problems linked to the pandemic will likely be significant and felt for years to come, there has never been a more important time and need for employers to consider how they can best safeguard the health and safety of their workforces around the world.

This UK mental health awareness week held from (10-16 May 2021), IEL partnered with an expert group of legal and wellbeing practitioners to offer employers, HR professionals, in-house counsel, and private practice lawyers some best practice examples of:

  • The types of legal claims brought by employees with mental ill-health;

  • The effect of the pandemic on legal professionals;

  • How to champion mental health discussions to create healthy working environments;

  • How to design and implement a wellbeing programme within your organisation; and

  • How to respond when employees raise the alarm over poor wellbeing or mental health.

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