Internship at Centre for Tax Laws, NLU Delhi

Internship at Centre for Tax Laws, NLU Delhi

About Centre for Tax Laws, National Law University, Delhi

The Centre for Tax Laws was established in 2018 under National Law University, Delhi to work in the area of tax laws.

As it is only through constant analysis and conversation that the civil society stays informed and involved in any area of law. They as academics have instituted this centre especially for tax laws to bring the academia, industry and government together under a single platform.

In the future they will be interacting with all stakeholders by organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, colloquiums, capacity development programs and publications on the current themes and debates reverberating for tax laws.

They want to facilitate a high-level research environment where the student community appreciates the significance of tax laws and gets experiential learning from the established experts in this field. They also want to consistently provide policy interventions in the form of comments, and feedback to the government as reforming the taxation laws is high on its agenda.

Significantly, as the world is trying to rewrite the old international tax order created in the brick and mortar economy for the digital economy They want to observe, analyze and contribute in this process to make sure that it stays relevant for the revenue generation needs of an emerging economy like India

Who can Apply?

  1. Applicants enrolled in the 5-year program should currently be in their 4th year (graduating in 2023) or in their 5 th year (graduating in 2022).

  2. Applicants enrolled in the 3-year program should currently be in their 2nd year (graduating in 2023) or in their 3 rd year graduating in 2022).

  3. Further it is mandatory that the applicant has prior experience in Tax Laws (internships/moots/publications).

Duration of the Internship

  1. 4 weeks (extendable based on the performance of the intern).

  2. Slots (Please note that you can apply for the following slots as these are fixed).

    • 13th September to 13th October 2021

    • 14th October to 14th November 2021

How to Apply?

  1. CV (max 2 pages)

  2. Statement of Purpose (500 words)

Contact Information

The website link is here:

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