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FICL Initiatives

FICL takes pride in making positive contributions through its various initiatives, strategies and plans to enhance the growth of Indian corporate legal community.

Key initiatives of FICL include :


Throughout the year FICL organises events, conferences, seminars, lectures, etc that focus on networking, knowledge sharing, career development, etc. Below is a list of our upcoming events and programs. We hope to see you there.

Training and Development

FICL partners with corporates, associated universities, and educational institutions to organize and conduct bespoke joint training programs both online and offline, seminars, workshops in the areas of Law, Prevention of Sexual Harassment (“POSH”), Human Resources, Performance Management Systems, Organizational Designs and Development, Industrial Relational Practices, etc tailored to the requirements of the corporates, law students and In-house corporate lawyers community.

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Policy Advocacy

FICL works closely with Central and State Governments on policy advocacy and policy reviews on legal, business and economic laws and issues in the corporate sector and provides feedback to the government.

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Executive health has become a major source of concern for corporates in today’s day and age. Given the potential negative impact of executive illness, it is important to have executive wellness practices.

FICL partners with leading health care organizations and Nutritionists, Life Coaches to bring periodic latest updates on health and wellness to educate corporate lawyers to enable them to peruse a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’)

The inclusion of the Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) mandate under the Companies Act, 2013 is an attempt to supplement the government’s efforts of equitably delivering the benefits of growth and to engage the Indian Corporate World with the country’s development agenda. The role of civil society in fuelling this change in India is bound to be extremely important.

FICL's CSR strategy and policy is to identify the key building blocks for initiating and developing the CSR programs in India.

FICL strives to build a society that provides equal access to opportunities and negates disparities. As part of its CSR activities, FICL supports BCPBF- The Cancer Foundation

bcpbf-THE CANCER FOUNDATION is an equal opportunity support organization that comprises a well-known medical professional, financial experts, entrepreneurs, gutsy survivors and philanthropic members of the community.