India – Singapore Mediation Summit 2021 (#ISMS2021)

India – Singapore Mediation Summit 2021 (#ISMS2021)

In this landmark event, the Chief Justices of India and Singapore will deliver keynote addresses on Mediation and its importance in dispute resolution.

A high-powered panel of leaders from the judicial, legal, and business communities will discuss the role of mediation in reducing pendency in India, and in improving the ease of doing business across borders.

FICL is pleased to announce our support for the India – Singapore Mediation Summit 2021.

Join us as we explore ideas around mediation as a mainstream form of dispute resolution. Be part of the conversation around mediation and the opportunities it offers, to resolve business disputes while protecting reputations, preserving valuations, and rebuilding relationships.

To know more about #ISMS2021 and to register your participation, please visit:

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